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Beijing exhibition to show new exploration in 'gongbi' art
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Beijing exhibition to show new exploration in 'gongbi' art
The 10th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art to be opened on Dec 22 in Beijing will gather works of some 44 artists who are active in the realm of contemporary art.  read more...

Beijing exhibition to show new exploration in 'gongbi' art

Jinyang Palace of Sui Dynasty found in Shanxi

Most luxurious antique bed dazzles in Chongqing

Shenhou town: Capital of China's Jun porcelain


The Sutra On Praise Of The Pure Land And Protection By Shakyamuni

By Administrator | 9:38

The Sutra On Praise Of The Pure Land And Protection By Shakyamuni

The Smaller SUKHÂVATÎ-VYÛHA translated by F. Max Muller

By Administrator | 9:35

The Smaller SUKHÂVATÎ-VYÛHA translated by F. Max Muller

Nanputuo Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in the coastal area of South-east China,located on Xiamen Island at the foot of the Wulaofeng-Five Old Men-chain of hills,close to the sed and next to Xiamen University. read more...

All The Successive Presidents of Nanputuo

    The Abbot








Master ZeWu

The Hall

The Hall of Heavenly Kings

The Mahavira Hall

Hall of Great Mercy

Sutra Pavilion and Dharma Hall

Volunteer recruitment of Nanputuo Temple    For the purpose of effectively promoting the thought of Humanistic Buddhism and the spirit of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva¡¯s kindness and compassion, we specially recruit volunteers who wish to follow Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to serve and benefit all living beings. At the same time, in order to make the volunteers relieve themselves and help others during practice period, we will open a series of training courses, like Buddhist Basis, Volunteer Training etc. We sincerely welcome all the enthusiasts join us, let us enhance confidence, make good affinity with others, explore talent and serve all living beings. read more...


Institute's Sermon--mercy and wisdom A worldling only has compassion without wisdom, but he/she becomes a Bodhisattva when he/she is both merciful and sapiential. When seeing commonalty, our mercy gets so deep that we ought to seek for wisdom more diligently. On the basis of wisdom, we faithfully practise the pure precepts and the concentration one after another, which make us acquire profound essential brightness.   read more...

Introduction of Minnan Buddhist Institute

Minnan Buddhist Institute is a famed Superior Buddhism College, which was founded inside the well-known Nanputuo Temple in 1925.Nanputuo Temple is situated in the southeast area of Xiamen city by sitting in north toward south, backing on the Wulao Peaks and facing to the sea. read more...


  Institute Guide

Master ShengHui The Dean of Buddhist College of Minnan.

The school for male monks The school for female religious

College Leadership

Master and Teacher


The first Chinese Buddhist charity organization, the Charity of Xiamen Nanputuo Temple was officially established by sponsor Elder Monk Miao Zhan and all circles on December 14th, 1994.  read more...

The Constitution of the Charity of Xiamen Nanputuo Temple

The name of the Charity is the Charity of Xiamen Nanputuo Temple and short as CNT.The nature of CNT is a local and joint society charity group, which is a voluntary, nonprofit and corporate group. It unites and mobilizes all benevolent people care for and support social charity and beings benefit career.The tenet of CNT is formulated according to Chinese constitution, law, regulation and policy, to comply with social ethos. read more...

Institutional affiliation

The Charity Division

The Circulation Counter of Buddhist artwork

The Clinic of Nanputuo Temple Charity


Introduction of Tai Xu library : Tai Xu Library is located between Abbot building and School building inside of Minnan Buddhist Institute, near to green bamboos.  read more...

Principle of Tai Xu Library

Tai Xu Library is an organization supplying academic research service, Buddhist talents cultivation service and the service of expanding the teachers' and students' view and sentiment. From the position of Minnan Buddhist Institute in domestic and Southeast Asian Buddhism, the library should be used as a Fujian Buddhist literature more...

Buddhist Images

The Buddhist Scripture

The Sutra On Praise Of The Pure Land And Protection By Shakyamuni

The Smaller SUKHÂVATÎ-VYÛHA translated by F. Max Muller

Sutra on the Buddhas Bequeathed Teaching

Sutra of the Merit and Virtue of the Past Vows of Medicine Master Vaidurya Light Tathagata

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